If you would like to talk to one of the few people who have successfully recovered from Arthrofibrosis, the founder of the Arthrofibrosis Foundation is available for consultation.

The following topics could be covered during a phone consultation:

  • Patient history: date and nature of initial injury; surgical procedures; past and current symptoms; prior and current physical therapy regiment; past and current medications.
  • Present treatment plan: scheduled or contemplated surgery; planned post-surgical physical therapy, future medications; use of medical devices such as CPM, GameReady and Elite Seat.
  • Potential modifications to the present treatment plan.
  • Nutrition and Arthrofibrosis.
  • How I recovered from Arthrofibrosis: surgeries, physical therapy, medical devices, medications, specialists, nutrition, and massage therapy.
  • There IS hope!


In 2006, I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus ski racing in a NASTAR course. I was also diagnosed with a possible broken bone and nerve damage. A short time after the accident, the ACL was reconstructed with a hamstring graph and the meniscus was repaired. Despite diligently doing many hours of PT a day for 12 months, my leg was severely atrophied and I was unable to resume my normal activities or return to sports.

In 2007, the doctor ordered a follow-up MRI which showed a “little scar tissue” so a second surgery was scheduled. The scope, however, revealed a “massive amount of scar tissue.” The surgery went well and so did the rehab. Then, after doing 6 hours of PT a day for 9 months, something “broke” inside the knee while I was brushing my teeth.

Over the following 2-3 years, two more surgical procedures were performed. I was in bed for 10 months following the last surgery.

It took 4 surgeries and 8 years of doing 6 hours of PT a day, but I’m almost fully recovered. (Sitting for long periods with my knee bent still presents problems.) As soon as I was healthy, I became a ski instructor earning Professional Ski Instructor Association Alpine Level 2 and Children Specialist Level 2 certifications. To be awarded the Alpine Level 2 certification, I was required to win a silver medal and returned to racing for the first time since the original ACL injury.