Attending an event is a great way to learn more about Arthrofibrosis and to meet Doctors/Practitioners, other people affected by the condition, and to attend programs, learn about services, new treatments, and to educate people about Arthrofibrosis.   This is a great way to bring everyone together at one place at one time.

Currently there is no international event for Arthrofibrosis and this would be the first event of its kind.  Many people afflicted with Arthrobrosis are pleading for more information, treatment, and events to help them deal with the condition.

Doctors and Practitioners have been wanting to donate time, effort, money, and services to the Arthrofibrosis Foundation, and this event provides a good way for them to do it.

This event provides a very good way for doctors, professionals, companies, and authors to get more exposure for their products and services.

The Sawabona Association ( members will market, manage and organize the event.  This group of dynamic, smart, energetic, very presentable professionals who will set a good tone for the event and are able to encourage people to participate.

We want to generate as much interest as possible for participants to get involved at many levels and to event provide donations for people to come to the event.  For instance, if a Doctor cannot make it to the event, then ask if they would like to donate to the event in order to pay for Arthrofibrois patients to attend, and to help the event be a success.